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Wildfire that forced evacuation of Jasper National Park now within 12 km of townsite - Thu, 18 Jul 2024 19:32:01 EDT
A helicopter against smoke.

The halal meat market is growing and businesses want in — even if they aren't Muslim - Tue, 23 Jul 2024 04:01:17 EDT
A woman in an apron stands inside of a fried chicken fast-food restaurant.

Unable to afford a burial, this mother's grief is compounded with her daughter lying in a freezer - Tue, 23 Jul 2024 04:30:55 EDT
Woman with pink shirt and short hair

Janice Strickland says her daughter Sarah Strickland is one of the dozens of bodies being kept at the Health Sciences Centre. The high costs of a funeral and lack of government support is keeping her from burying her daughter with dignity, she says.

Influx of anti-drag 'grooming' emails preceded N.B.'s pronoun policy review, documents reveal - Tue, 23 Jul 2024 04:00:00 EDT
A stack of printed emails

Dozens of emails against drag storytime and 2SLGBTQ-inclusive education went to New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs and Education Minister Bill Hogan just before they began a controversial review of a policy on gender identity.

N.S. fire chief questions lack of emergency support, alert delay in recent flooding - Tue, 23 Jul 2024 05:00:00 EDT
A torrent of water falls over a driveway, creating a small waterfall to the rocks and greenery below. A car sits beyond orange pylons blocking the road

As questions remain about why an emergency alert wasn't requested by any municipality during the recent flash flooding in Nova Scotia, one fire chief says there wasn't enough support from local emergency officials — who don't appear to have followed their own policies.

Canadian patients' needs are increasingly complex. Health care should reflect that: CMA - Tue, 23 Jul 2024 05:00:00 EDT
A close up of a doctor with a stethoscope.

More Canadians should receive their main health care through teams of professionals so their increasingly complex needs can be met while not paying privately for it, the Canadian Medical Association says in a new report.

Storm and wind warnings as more than 300 wildfires burn in B.C. - Mon, 22 Jul 2024 13:34:01 EDT
Flames and smoke arise from a hilltop next to a river.

More than 300 wildfires are burning across B.C. after a volatile weekend that saw hundreds of people told to leave their homes.

1 of 3 sex assault charges against ex-pastor of Ontario megachurch stayed due to delays, lawyer says - Mon, 22 Jul 2024 15:23:13 EDT
A man smiling.

One of three sexual assault charges against Bruxy Cavey, former pastor of Ontario megachurch The Meeting House, has been stayed due to court delays, according to his lawyer.

Will Ottawa's affordable housing money work for Saskatoon? Experts are cautiously optimistic - Tue, 01 Aug 2023 17:19:01 EDT
A woman sitting at the couch.

Alice Munro stood by her man. She's not the only one - Mon, 22 Jul 2024 04:00:00 EDT
Graphic illustration of writer, Alice Munro

CBC reporter and podcast host Julie Ireton provides analysis of the reported sexual abuse of Alice Munro's daughter in the context of the stories and investigations Julie has for years produced at the request of sexual assault victims.

CN Rail fined $8M for 2 northern Ontario derailments in 2015 - Mon, 22 Jul 2024 16:09:43 EDT
A train derailment with black smoke coming from the wreckage.

The Ontario Court of Justice has ordered Canadian National (CN) Railway to pay an $8-million fine for a pair of derailments in 2015 that spilled more than three million litres of crude oil.

Alberta's contraband tobacco trade not easily extinguished, investigators warn - Mon, 22 Jul 2024 09:00:00 EDT
A man in a red shirt stands behind the cash. He opens a cupboard filled with cigarettes

As retailers warn that sales of contraband tobacco products have undermined their profits, investigators caution that the supply chain is vast, highly profitable and resistant to enforcement efforts, despite a recent spike in sizable seizures across the province.

Struggling with infertility, Ottawa couple told they can't foster children, either - Mon, 22 Jul 2024 04:00:00 EDT
Man and woman sitting on couch

An Ottawa couple is calling out the Children's Aid Society (CAS) because they believe the agency unfairly rejected their application to become foster parents due to its concerns over their struggles with infertility. 

Nova Scotia’s justice minister said domestic violence wasn’t an epidemic. He resigned amid an overwhelming response - Mon, 22 Jul 2024 05:00:00 EDT
A white man with white hair wearing a suit jacket and glasses looks off to the side of the camera

Dozens of emails expressing outrage, disgust and disappointment poured into the inboxes of Nova Scotia’s premier and justice minister after Brad Johns said he didn’t consider domestic violence an epidemic, and he now says that reaction influenced his resignation from cabinet. 

$175K settlement comes 9 years after woman filed sexism complaint against Winnipeg manufacturer - Mon, 22 Jul 2024 06:00:00 EDT
A woman wearing a grey sweater is standing in front of a brick wall holding documents printed on white paper.

After nine years of waiting for a decision in a human rights complaint, a Winnipeg woman has been offered $175,000 in compensation, minus some deductions, by Price Industries, her former employer, after she complained about a sexist atmosphere in the workplace.

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